Saturday, July 25, 2009

Norah at Night.

After a long day at work being a four year old it is time for a snack. Norah has started to make noise with her voice all the time now. MOst of the time it is just the aahhh, aahhhh , aahhh sound, but she is also using her voice to talk, as well as sign. She is starting to say Mama and Dada frequently and when I call her name loudly she responds 50% of the time now. She has bye-bye down, and we are working on hi. We have also been working on her signing. She understands more things then she can sign. Like we had to teach her to sign want before she asks for something, because she would just sign milk or eat or up or down, instead of, I want down. So she now has "want down", "want more", ETC. We are going to add I this week so she can ask, I want down, I want more, etc. I am encouraged by the fact that she wants to sign and still wants to use her voice to get her point across. Even if she can only babel the fact that she is willing to try to speak to us is a good sign for her to learn some more speech after she can hear better with her implant.



Jill said...

I swear she gets cuter by the moment!

Leah Spring said...

Ahhhh Deaf grammar! Did you know that ASL follows the NATURAL grammatical structure that is basically instinctual to those who are deaf? Most of the time, a child who is fluent in ASL wouldn't sign "I want down", but would instead sign "Want down", or "Down I". (either one is grammatically correct in ASL) "I want down" isn't wrong in ASL, but in ASL, there is no need to sign "I" because sometimes it's just implied. (that's a general way of explaining it.) In studies, children who are born deaf, who have never been formally taught sign language, and regardless of what country they're from, sign with the same grammatical structure. And that's the structure of ASL. It's the NATURAL structure of those who are deaf. (Ok, did any of that make sense at all? LOL) It will be really fun when she has her implants done to watch her language explode!!!!

Glen said...

Yeah Leah, for ASL "I" would not be signed but we are still hoping to teach Norah how to speak English so we are teaching her S.E.E. sign for now. If she dusent show progress speeking after a year we will go to ASL.