Monday, July 06, 2009

Long day for Norah

Today Miss Norah has to undergo sedation for an MRI and CT scan in preparations for a Cochlear Implant. We kept her up as long as we could last night so she would sleep late this morning because they won't start until 10:30am and we won't get to her last appointment until 2:30PM and she can't eat until she recovers from the sedation. I am nervous about it to say the least, so please keep our little girl in your thoughts today.
We have thought long and hard about this one because there is no going back to hearing aids with the ear you have implanted. But after we have worked with Norah in weekly speech and signing therapy we have observed what she can and can't hear and backed that up with hearing tests. We now know Norah can not hear any high tones, any soft sounds and any s or sh sounds, any deep sounds she is able to hear and she can hear me call her name more often then she can hear Lori because my voice is deeper. So to give Norah the opportunity to get a lot more sound we are going forward with this step.


Leah Spring said...

Many prayers for today! I know exactly how difficult the decision is to go ahead with the implant! The only thing you can do as a parent is make the best decision for YOUR child based on the information you have, right? Have a blessed day and be comforted by the fact that God loves Norah even more than you do!

Anonymous said...

We're thinking about you guys, and a safe and successful day (and recovery)!

Lori, in that picture where she's eating the popsicle with the star glasses on her head, she looks EXACTLY like you! Seriously! Ok, well, maybe a little tanner. : ) Do you guys see that?

Lots of positive nrg! Love you guys,


Anonymous said...

hi,I found your video of norah in youtube,and I just cant stop crying,you are such a beautiful family,its make me feel ashame that I have never give up so much for sumone who I never met before,so its my pleasure to offer sumthing to your family,if you ever goes to qinhuangdao china,you are always wellcome to stay in my mum's new house,her house surrounded by beaches and hills,she rarely stays there,its like holiday home for her,so if one day you like have a holiday there,let me kno
me and my hubby living in london,but we deside to go back to china in 2 years time:) and you are always wellcome to stay with us
lots of love from eathoy and paul

Donna said...

I hope all went well. My thoughts are with you all.

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

storiesoftravel said...

Hi there - thought I would cross post this blog - cocular implant family...

Best wishes and hope all went as planned today
Carol in FL

Anonymous said...

Hey ... I wrote a comment yesterday ... did you get it?

Anyway, glad all went well.

Love you guys!


Glen said...

I only wish I was as gorgeous as Norah. I have heard that before though. Isn't it strange to end up with a kid that has similar features.