Thursday, October 01, 2009

October craft time.

Well it is October and Norah needed something to do so we decorated the front window this morning, love me some sticky dots.
She also did well at her hearing test this week still scored in the 50-60 db range so they remapped her and gave us 4 new programs to tryout this week. Each one a little higher then the next will give her a little more sound and we will retest her next week. The good news is she has a strait audiogram now to where with hearing aids it went from 50-60 db in the low pitch to dropping off to 120db-or no response at the high pitches.

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Sandra said...

Great news on the audiogram.
After being implanted for 6 years now, Jazzie's audiograms show her hearing at 15 db. Awesome!

Love the crafts; we might just have to make some of our own...