Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Flips in the living room + wooden end table - 1 trip to Children's ER = 2 Lime popsicles.
Norah is fine. Just a nice big goose egg to show for her trouble.


Sandra said...

Glad that is all it was!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! That must have hurt.

I'm glad that two popsicles is all it takes to make her happy and smiley again =)

God bless.


bbmomof2boys said...

ouch big time!!

By the way - the pages you sent me about S.E.E have been wonderful. LIttle T isn't talking yet but she does sign and I have YOU to thank! She does try her best to talk but when she can't she'll sign me what she is trying to say.

Thank you Glen for helping her find her voice!!!