Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy 19th Birthday Boo!

Boo, only a couple days old. You can tell because he still has a real conehead look about him. Surely everyone still remembers the Coneheads from the Saturday Night Live skits.

If I remember right Boo was about 6 months old here. He had a ring of hair that went around the base of his head so that he looked like a little bald business man. We used to call this his "Bowtie Bandit" outfit.

He has come a long way from tiny little baby to being a good foot taller than his Mom. We have always known he was great kid but now it looks like he is turning into a good man. Really that's all we can ask. We all kind of grew up together. A real bunch of guinea pigs in one giant experiment. Here's hoping all his therapy bills are covered by insurance. Love you Boo! Happy Birthday.

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Karen said...

Love the guinea pig comment...isn't that the truth when we have them young? My son is 26, and we've been thru so much together, I feel now as if he is one of my best friends.
He was a beautiful baby!
Good job Mom and Dad..
Oh, and to Lori, who birthed him.....Happy BIRTHED day!