Monday, July 05, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! After taking dinner to our friend Kammy who just got back from China with Mari-Grace (Congratulations!) we headed over to my parents house for the 4th. There was BBQ, with an insane amount of meat. There was enough there to feed 20 or 25 people instead of the 10 that were there. Everything tasted great and NOBODY went hungry.

This is from a lightning strike a couple of years ago not from fireworks.

Pretty daylillies from Mom's flowerbed.

Brandon shooting off Roman candles.

Mom and Norah. Norah really liked the fireworks. She even clapped at the end.

The whole gang outside playing with explosives. The carpet cleaner in the picture was being passed along to the next group that needed it.

Brandon, Jess (Boo's girlfriend) and my sister-in-law Brawyn (I hope that I spelled that right).

Brandon and my brother's legs. When it comes to fireworks or anything for that matter that these two can get into they will do their very best to go overboard. They really should have been brothers. Everyone had a really good time.

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