Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Mile High City

We have made it to Denver, Colorado! There was quite a bit of rain when we first got here which made pulling the trailer kind of dicey. Norah did well again today, however she has figured out that if she says she has to use the bathroom that we will pull over and go into a place with candy, food and potential prizes for Norah. This discovery of hers means that we had to stop for possible potty breaks about once every 50 minutes. Tomorrow we are going to stop by Norah's adoption agency that is here in town then we will head out for Utah. These first two days were our longest, from now till we get to our new home we will only drive around 6 hours each day to make it easier on everyone.

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funks said...

Hi, responding to your request for doctors on a previous post.

Our Pediatrician is Dr. Julian Davies from the University of Washington Pediatric Care Center. He specializes in IA and was the doctor that reviewed our daughter's file. We don't live in Seattle, but we travel from the Yakima Valley to see him; he's THAT good. ;) His office number is 206-598-3000.

Cara is also a heart baby and her cardiologist is Dr. Nicolas Madsen. He's at the Seattle Children's Hospital and his number is 206-987-2015.

Hope this helps!