Saturday, July 16, 2011

We Made It!

We finally made it to our apartment in Washington yesterday afternoon. The trailer is unloaded and most of the stuff is unpacked. Today we have to put everything back together ( beds,chairs,ect) and make an epic shopping trip to restock the pantry and fridge and for cleaning supplies. apparently the last residents idea of clean and mine are nowhere near the same thing. Once i can clean out drawers and cabinets i can get everything put in its place. We made a point of driving by the school before we came to the apartment so that Norah could get a visual of what we have been telling her we were driving to. She did so good on the whole trip. We could not have asked for any better. There were LOTS of potty breaks and Norah may or may not have peed outside in all of the states where there were long stretches of nothingness. ( I'm not telling. ) A whole lot of our trip was spent in areas where there was either no service at all or the service was on the "edge" network which might as well be no service at all. We were VERY lucky to get to stop in Utah and see Mike, Melissa and Eli. They really made the trip fun. We even got to see the Kennicott Copper mine that is one of the few man made things you can see from space. Home cooked food instead of greasy road food was also very appealing but let's face it the main thing was that Eli was there! That kid cracks me up! He has gotten so big and is talking up a storm. It is so sweet to see him interact with Mike and Melissa. You can really tell that they all love each other.

Yesterday was also Boo's 20th birthday. We all went out early and celebrated before we had to leave but it was still hard not being there for his actual birthday. We love you Boo! More later. Hopefully it won't be to long till I can get the computer up and running and some pictures of the trip up here.



Sammie said...

Welcome to Washington. Quite the long drive and glad it went so well. I will be happy to help you find whatever you need in the area, or if you need to borrow anything just shoot me an email. Speaking of cleaning supplies, I somehow have bought 3 of the huge Costco size containers of 409, as I obviously forget I have it at home. I will gladly give you one of these. Happy your setteling in and now you know about the freezingly cold summer we are having while the rest of the country bakes. If you want to go to something fun and very asian head to Bon Odori, its tonight and tomorrow a wonderful community based Japense festival. A huge event with Taiko drums, traditional dancing which you are encouraged to join in, and great booths with Japenese food. Its held close to the internationl district in Seattle.(the south end of downtown) If you google the Settle Times you can find it listed under their events page. Very visual and fun, your daughter would love it, and so will you.

Glen said...

Thanks Sammie! The oversized bottle of 409 sounds right up my alley. I will try and email later in the week. The festival sounds great we will try and go see it tomorrow. Everyone around here is pretty sore today, even Norah.