Sunday, July 31, 2011

Catching up!

We FINALLY have our internet/e-mail capabilities back up! Here are some pictures of the trip out here from Arkansas. I will be trying to get caught up on all the email I was supposed to be doing at some point at the beginning of this week. You would think with being unemployed at the moment, that I would have just gobs of free time floating around just begging for something to do....HA! I think that I need to find a job just to get a break from this craziness!

 Kansas... Good job Kansas for using your mondo supply of wind for energy.
 We stopped by Norah's adoption agency in Colorado to have a look around and meet some of the wonderful people that made the whole thing possible.
The Directors of the Adoption agency, Lily and Josh were both there and very excited to meet Norah.
 We were very fortunate to meet Xia, the Director of China Charitable Projects. She actually knew Norah in the orphanage, before her adoption. She presented us with this beautiful scroll that was from the director of Norah's orphanage. Xia will be able to let everyone at Norah's orphange know that she is doing well and growing up fast. We are also sending her some pictures that we took of Norah with the scroll and some other pictures so they can see her.

 Wyoming.....what can I say.........the majority of the part that we went through was desolate and depressing. I certainly hope it's not all like that.

 These cool rock formations were the only redeeming quality that we saw in Wyoming. So we pulled over and let Norah pee on the side of the road by them because there was literally ...NOTHING...... forever and ever and ever. Not a road runner, dog, cat, cow, deer, moving tumbleweed, flaming meth lab......NOTHING.

 We were able to stop in Utah (Very pretty by the way) to see our friends. Melissa, Eli, Glen, Norah and I all got to go to the Kennewick (I sure hope I spelled that right) Copper Mines. Poor Mike had to work! ): It was awsome! The place is just amazing. You can actually see the mines from space.
 This is one of the tires that they use on the big trucks that work in the mine. Once you get past the propaganda movie at the beginning of the tour, which Norah and Eli gave all the respect that it deserved, the rest of it is very entertaining.
 Then we went to the Mormon Temple because duh, we were in Salt Lake City Utah. Isn't that what it's known for. Plus I see it on TV and in movies all the time so I thought it would be cool. Melissa told me that if I got drug off to be converted she was leaving me there. So funny! Eli ran around the temple grounds like his little butt was on fire! He was having such a good time. Norah kept trying to mother hen him but he would just blow her off. Then she totally gave up and raided all and I do mean all the snacks out of Melissa's bag. She wasn't even really hungry just wanted to open everything and then refuse to eat or drink it. Mike, Melissa and Eli were all super great about letting us invade their house for 2 days. We REALLY needed a break at that point and they were an oasis. Thanks guys!

 We finally made it to our destination. We did a quick run by the school and then it was off to the apartment.
 The blue thing on top is Norah's princess jeep.
Oh yeah! Looks like something off of Hoarders. I didn't even get a good shot of the TV that Glen tied to the center console so that Norah would have a big screen to watch movies on the whole way.
The trip was pretty uneventful and we are glad to be done with it. I did lie to one badged authority figure but it was a white lie and he didn't really want to hear the truth anyway, it involved urine. This trip involved A LOT of urine! Mostly Norah and Glen. It was like traveling with two pregnant women. Hopefully by this time next year we will have deceided where we want to buy a house and be looking because, Man this apartment is small AND we are so looking forward to having people come and visit us!

More tomorrow.


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