Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Day of Travel

Well the first of our travel days was uneventful, other than Glen running over his iphone that he dropped. Amazingly it still works....sort of. Norah has done really well. She has been coloring, watching movies, and playing with the big basket of goodies that are set up right by her car seat. We all went swimming last night at the hotel, being cooped up for so long it felt good to stretch out and swim a little. There were some kids That came itno the pool after we had been in there for awhile. Norah was dying to play with them but they were actually kind of cold towards her since they didn't sign or even try to interact with Norah. Norah gave it her best though. We finally concluded that it wasnt just the communication part that was the problem and maybe they werent the brightest or friendliest people around. It made Glen and I both sad to see her struggling so hard to make a connection with these kids and them backing away and looking at her like she was covered in dog poo. All the encounter did was cement for us that we are doing the right thing for Norah. She will be among her peers that "speak" her language in 9 days at summer school.
We are traveling through Kansas right now. It is a whole lot of flat prarie. The weather has cooperated so far. We will try to make it to Denver today. So far so good.

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Stacy said...

I'm so sorry that Norah had to experience that! It makes a mama's heart ache! But, I am thankful that it just helped confirm your family's decision to move. Making the "best" choices for our children is so difficult! Praying for safe travels tomorrow!