Friday, July 08, 2011

Wagons HO!

We are heading out first thing in the morning. The trailer and truck are packed to within an inch of their lives. We literally could not get one more thing in either of them. Norah is kind of clingy and emotional today because we are packing and she wants to make sure that she is coming along with us. Boo is here at my parents tonight so that he and Jess, his girlfriend, can see us off in the morning. We were able to catch up with Norah's speech therapist today at her friends horse barn (more pictures of this later when the computer is all set up again.) the place was amazing. If I was a horse I would want to be there. We have been getting all kinds of traveling goodies from everyone, a very nice surprise indeed. We will be traveling in style. The purple princess  jeep is tied to the top of the truck. Dad said that we should have left the tarp off of it and put a mannequin in it just to mess with people as we drive down the freeway. If we got stopped we could tell them that the kid was giving us lip so we put him up there for punishment. (; Wish us luck! It is going to be a LONG drive.


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