Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Burke Museum

We went to the Burke Museum on last Thursday. It was FREE DAY, our favorite two words. Apparently a large portion of the museums around here are free on the first Thursday of the month. So you can pretty much bet that we will be trying to attend them one at a time each first Thursday. We were also very fortunate to have one of the teachers from the school go with us. Hi Barbara! It was really fun and we were able to see so many interesting things. They had a big exhibit on wolves. Ever since our trip Norah has been howling like a wolf several times each day. It's really funny when she does it out in public because she totally expects Glen and I to join in, which we do. If you see the three of us out howling at the moon don't think we are crazy. Norah has just learned a new sign and sound that she can make with her voice. Join in! Some of the notes that the kids at the museum left on the "Your Thoughts About Wolves" board are hilarious!

The downstairs of the museum had great displays from different places. Japan, China, Taiwan, and many more. Norah was fascinated with the Korean wedding display. In particular the well dressed chickens.

We are still setteling in. Going from a 1200 square foot house to a 600 square foot apartment has not been easy. Not everything has found it's permanent home yet. I think a couple more days and we should have it as good as it is going to get. We still have to get a insurance policy for Norah's CI's but other than that I think everything has been registered and licensed. We have our library cards (big deal to us, we LOVE the library). I am still trying to find a grocery store that I like. I did find several really good Asian markets in the area. We are still looking for a place to get our hair cut, auto mechanic, towing company, and clothing stores but I am sure that will all come with time. Now I just have to work on brushing up on medications and Washington State Nurse Practice Act so I can find a job that suits me. I think I might be interested in OB/GYN. (Hi Melissa!) That is about as far from heart surgery as I think I can get. Plus I am getting old and kind of mushy about babies now (Thank you Eli!).



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are settled down.
Wanna to tell that is a Korean wedding display instead......

Glen said...

I stand corrected. Thank you.


MandM said...

OB/GYN is where it's at! Although, I could TOTALLY see you working in a Pediatric clinic (NOT on a Peds unit at the hospital ... too sad and crap hours) and being the only nurse that can give any kid a shot without any crying. But I thought you were just enjoying your time off and drinking margaritas while Norah is at school? You work too hard!