Monday, August 01, 2011

Beautiful weather and fun at the park.

I am pretty sure that it has not gotten above 80 here. When we left Arkansas it was 104 with 80% humidity. Everyone here is complaining that they are not getting a summer but we are LOVING it! There are so many things to do here and festivals in the local parks that you could very easily find free or really cheap stuff to do all the time. There is also such a diverse community here. Everywhere we look are people of different ethnicity, religion and orientation it is fabulous! We were in Target yesterday and I heard 4 different languages being spoken in the first 10 minutes. We also see people signing everywhere! Bonus!

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funks said...

Glad you are enjoying Washington. We live in the Yakima Valley and have been following your blog since you got Norah. We share the same agency. I have numbers of drs. if you are interested.