Friday, August 26, 2011

Photo Friday: With a whole lot of words

We are in the process of setting up our bikes to be used for fun and business. We sold our second vehicle in order to make the move out here easier and make our bills much lower. I think we figured out that by the time we cut out the car payment, insurance, upkeep, gas, and licensing fees we ended up saving around 400.00 a month. So now all we have is the truck. We are also trying not to use it unless we have to, so we are riding our bikes for short trips to the store, bank, park, school, ect. We have a trailor for Norah but don't yet feel comfortable taking her in it to some places. Amazingly the most dangerous place to ride out of is Central Market (like an upscale Whole Foods). You would think these people would be watching for bicycles but oh no. Anyway, I needed a basket for my bicycle in order to carry purchases in and "viola"  (I know it's not spelled right. That's how I say it.) Glen found me one online. YEAH! He also found an electric bike kit for his bike. He has some trouble with his back and all and he needed some extra ummph to get up all the steep hills around here hauling Norah back and forth to school.

 My bike is a close replica to the bikes that are sold in Holland and I love it. It rides great!
 Glen and Norah checking out the electric bike stuff. That is not a sweat band on Norah's arm it is a huge piece of gauze and tape to cover the tiny scratch that she found on her arm the other day.
 Norah wanted her picture taken with my bike. She loves wearing these little spandex shorts because they look similar to Glen's underwear and she is all about being the same.
 Glen's bike before the electric kit was installed.
 Glen's bike after the kit was installed.

Our apartment here does not have airconditioning in it and it has been HOT lately. Well for us anyway. We are air condition babies and make no excuses for it. Since we can also be cheapskates and don't want to go buy a window air conditioner right when it is going to start getting cooler again. We came up with the retro style air. A giant bowl of ice with a fan. We like to keep our house cool enough to hang meat in in the summer and the last few weeks have been a far cry from that. There has also been a lot of hanging out in front of the fridge.
I have started trying to walk/bike a few miles every morning to get ready to go back to work AND cause I am old and totally out of shape. I always go on the trail behind our apartment and I see interesting things each time. So I thought that I would share. Today I saw: a woman getting on a city bus with no pants on (just a shirt and panties), about 10 different people picking blackberries, found some blue berry bushes, a drug deal, and 1 very badly dressed hooker. I also met a nice woman who was picking blackberries. I told her where we found all of ours the other day. She took off to go fill up her buckets. It is always interesting.


Naenay1012 said...

Oh wow! (about your trail adventure) I also giggled about the shorts/underwear. I enjoy reading about your family's move.

funks said...

Welcom to Seattle. ;) You should spend a few hours people watching in Pioneer Square!

Glen said...

I LOVE people watching! Pioneer Square here I come. Hang on, just let me grab my super dark sunglasses so I don't get shanked when the crazies realize I'm eyeballin' them. (:


MandM said...

Love your bikes! Although I won't really believe it until you post some action shots. Ha! Ha! Are you going to get a trail bike for Norah? Or a bike seat? Hey, and post some pics of your apartment now that you're all moved in! Melissa
P.S. fan + ice = homemade Swamp Cooler. Nice!

MandM said...

Hey, just FYI I totally got hit by a truck while riding my bike today! Luckily I had already dropped Eli off and I'm not really too hurt (and the guy totally offered to buy me dinner! Ha!) but just be SUPER careful if you have to go on the road/sidewalk at all!