Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

We got the call yesterday at around 11 that the district had worked out all the necessary stuff for Norah to start school with her class today, along with all the other kids instead of having to wait on more evaluations. Yeah! Good thing we were already out and about buying school supplies and school clothes. School clothes shopping ( or any clothes shopping for that matter) with Norah is an......umm.....let us say adventure in and of itself. No, we are not trying to kidnap her or beat her into submission. We just need to see if this skirt will fit her.  Anyway, last night we spread out all of the supplies and made sure we had everything on our list. We made Norah's lunch and layed out her clothes for in the morning. Then after bath and story time we turned off everything and I do mean everything in the house so that Norah would go to bed at a reasonable time. Glen said that according to the Mayo Clinic, kindergarten age kids need 10 to 11 hours of sleep each night. She finally managed to give up and go to sleep after about 35-45 minutes, so around 9:30. We didn't wake her up this morning until 7:05, so she ended up with 9 hours and 35 minutes of sleep. Not bad for Norah, at all. There have been some nights that she hasn't passed out till after 1 am and then is back up again at 7. Yikes! Our new strategy of total blackout in the apartment seems to be working so far.
We found lots of cute clothes for Norah but had a hard time finding hair bows that will stay in her hair. She needs the kind that are shaped like alligator teeth to grip onto her hair. Oh well guess I will just have to make some.
Once we saw that it wasn't raining this morning we loaded up the bike carriage with all of the supplies and headed out for school. Norah was very excited about school. She was jumping up and down and kept grabbing my face and turning my head (may be why my neck hurts now) to look at all the other kids arriving at school. The teachers and staff all come out to greet the kids every morning. Norah's kindergarten teacher, Ms. Fuson, was there too. She is the perfect teacher for Norah. High energy, super smart, fun, and not about to take any crap. We LOVE her! With Norah if you don't have those qualities as a teacher she will take you down like a hungry lion after a bunny rabbit (it is not pretty, we have seen her do it). Here's hoping for a productive and fun school year.

 Norah's kindergarten supplies.

 Norah in the bike carriage with a death grip on my iphone.
 Glen trying to remove Norah's helmet without messing up her hair.
 You have no idea how hard it was to get her to hold this sign up and smile at the same time. She LOVES messing with me when she knows I really want her to do something.

Made it into the classroom with all of her supplies, no problem. She had no issues at all with us leaving her there for school. I guess those two weeks of summer school REALLY paid off in the security department.



MandM said...

So, so, so AWESOME! Yay, Norah! XOXO Mike, Melissa and Eli
P.S. That's a sh*tload of supplies she had to have!

Naenay1012 said...

What's up with all the dixie cups?
Glad the first day went well.

Glen said...

I'm not sure what the deal is with all the dixie cups. I guess that there is a WHOLE lot of drinking going on at school. Maybe they should have halfed it. Half bring dixie cups and the other half toilet paper cause they are going to need it if that much liquid is being served up.