Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Busy Weekend

We were really movng this last weekend. First we were invited to go eat dinner at our friend Sammie's house. It was so much fun. We were able to meet one of her sons. He was hilarious! I love that he just sat down at the table and started playing play doh with us, that is until he saw my iPhone. Ha! Such a teenage boy. He really made me miss Boo even more than I already do. We also got to met Michael and Seven Star. An amazing couple that are adopting a boy from Guana (hope I spelled that right). These two really craked us up! What great people. We just love Sammie. She really understands us and Norah and she is so much fun to be around. We left there late Saturday night with a container of Lincoln Logs, Play doh, full bellies and a bag full of tomatoes from Sammie's garden. She better be careful if we get that kind of treatment to often we might just move in.

Sunday was the school picnic for NWSFHIC (Northwest School for Hearing Imparied Children), We all met at a local park for a cookout/potluck. They said it was a smaller turnout than usual but we still got to meet even more great people. There were kids and parents everywhere. The park had the usual play equipment and then the school brought things for a tug-o-war, hula hoops, and a burlap sack race. Glen and I had found some little kites on deep discount that week and picked up four or five of them that we just put out with the other stuff. I wish the store would have had more of them, they were a BIG hit. Norah's teacher was also there. I can not tell you how lucky and grateful we feel to have crossed paths with her. She will be a huge part of giving Norah the head start that she needs. Plus she is awesome and has a sense of humor that blows me away.  We had so much fun and loved talking to the parents. The weekend went by so fast but we had a blast. Now I need to go do laundry and clean out the truck.

More to come. The fun bled over into Monday.


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