Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Washington Wildlife?

There is a practically tame squirrel living in the tree outside of our apartment. We have started putting out food for him in the mornings so that Norah can "Eat breakfast with the squirrel". He/She (not going to try and raise the tail to find out) doesn't even run when we step out on the pourch in the mornings, just waits for us to drop the food and leave. I told Glen that he better make sure that he closes the screen door or else we could come out of the bathroom or bedroom and the squirrel could be up on the couch with the remote scratching him/her self.



Delfin Joaquin Paris III said...

If it gets in the house, your readers will demand photos. Make it happen.

Glen said...

I can TOTALLY make it happen but it will be hard to take photos while I am standing on top of the bar screaming like a girl.


MandM said...

This is a trend ... remember the possum? Seriously! Ha! Ha! And I agree, pictures are mandatory!

Glen said...

I DO REMEMBER THE POSSUM! It's like I'm Snow White and all the little woodland creatures are drawn to me.......No?


Heidi said...

possum? You had a possum in your house? lol Well, if you didn't I did! We came home late (3am) from a trip to Disneyland, and I heard a scratching under my nightstand. I saw what I thought was a rat tail poking out. I might have been standing on my bed, screaming for the kids to bring the cat.. I won't say.. turned out to be a baby possum! Got in through the dog/cat door. Yuck