Thursday, June 14, 2007

Big news for our family and friends !

Big news for our family and friends ! Lori and I found out that we got the clearance from the high school that we have been waiting on to be able to host an AYUSA exchange student from China.
Her American name is Annie (at least that is what she had put in her letter about herself). So when I speak of Annie in posts you will know who I am talking about. We are so excited to have this opportunity to be Annie’s host family for the next school year.
Although it is going to be a more work and expense, I believe the rewords both for Her and for us will quickly out pace any extra work it will bring. Lori & I always learn to adjust to what ever life give us. Annie will be spending the hole school year with us, she will arrive some time in early August so we can get her setup with classes at school.
We are not expecting a referral from China before the end of the school year next year. So Annie is going to be using Norah’s room wile she is with us, Hope she likes pink.

If she doesn’t we will get her some posters.

Right now I am getting things together for her room Bed and beding, night stand desk ect. Lori and I have been preparing for a baby girl for that last year and now we are going to have another teenager in the house and a girl at that. I don’t have a clue as to the workings of the mind of a 16 year old girl. I was going to “learn as you go,” as Norah got older. Maybe there’s a crash Corse on parenting teen girls, I can take in the next 6 weeks to get ready. I will have to look at Barns & Noble for one.
We look forward to the cultural exchange that will come take place between Annie and our family. To be able make her a part of our family for the time she is here, to be able to see the world through her eyes. Watch as she tries thing for the first time.
We look forward to celebrating holidays and traditions form both sides of the world with her. I know this is a huge responsibility to under take to both physically and mentally care for , guide, and protect someone else’s child for a year.This next year may not always be easy but it will be interesting.


Anonymous said...

Dear Glen, Lori and Brandon,

I have been wanting to send you a note for a while.
I read your page quite often. It is always very interesting to read what you share from your heart, Glen. I know that you all have been praying for Norah for a long time. Isn't it wonderful that know that God is protecting Norah?
It will be a lot of fun to host Annie for the year. We have a lot of exchange students here in Holdrege.
Well, I need to leave for work. Have a good day. Love you all

Unknown said...

What an awesome experience..I remember my family having an exchagne student while I was in high school...

Have fun!

Lisa and Shane said...

What a great experience Glen - for both you and your family and for Annie too. I look forward to following along. Lisa

Monica said...

Can't wait to meet her, since we're about the same age (I turned 16 in December '06). If you need some advice about teenage girls so you don't have to spend some $30 bucks on a book, my email's on my profile.

That's got to be so exciting. I would love to host an exchange student, but I home-school through virtual yeah...maybe someday though.


Yoli said...

Glen, maybe this is a sign that later down the road you and your wife will be adopting an older sibbling for Norah. I think it would be great if you do and maybe Annie will give you the courage.