Monday, June 11, 2007

Dove Exposes the truth behind Fake Beauty.

Dove Exposes the truth behind Fake Beauty.

Lori came across this the other day. I thought it was good enough to share. Dove shows why some of our wives and daughters have a hard time accepting themselves as beautiful while trying to look like the girls in the magazines. Even though Dove themselves have been guilty of this very samething at least they made this video to show everyone that what you see in the magazines is not real. They have also started their "real" beauty campaign which is amazing. So I have to give them credit for those things. I have known about the way magazines are "doctored" for some time an old friend of mine works in computer touch up for a printing company. You would not believe how much manipulating that goes on with models. What they can do with computers now.

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GGHadden said...

Thanks for posting....isn't it wild what they can/will do to a picture.