Friday, March 21, 2008

Cooking up a storm.

We have been trying to cook some new Chinese dishes around here, we love the taste of Chinese food but have had trouble in the past replicating the taste of Chinese food that has been prepared well, With all the right ingredients and spices.
Lori picked up some egg roll raps the other day and I was interested in trying to make some egg rolls so after work I ran to the store to gathering all the ingredients we would need for them. Got most of what I would need at one store but could not find bean sprouts.
So I am standing in line at store #2 with my bean sprouts proud of my successful hunting and gartering when Lori calls and says “hey Hun thought we would make the egg roll tonight just left the store they had everything we needed except bean sprouts”. Ha we have plenty of green onions let me tell you, oh well we were able to use it and it inspired us to try to make some more dishes the next night. The dishes turned out to tastes wonderful you could not taste the difference from my kitchen to one of the best Chinese restaurants we go to. Although I will say I need to get better at taking my vegetables off the heat before they are all the way cooked because they continue to cook awhile after you remove them from the heat.
Oh yea and Annie made a Pie in her Pi shirt that girl cracks us up all the time.
She helped me put the filling in the won ton wraps, then wile I was cooking Annie would come into the kitchen smell, and look at what I was doing. Annie kept telling me I was an amazing, she really like cooking,
She seems fascinated with the fact that she can put raw ingredients together and have a cake in the end.
So in Closing three Good things in life are
family, compliments, and yummy food!

Egg drop soup

Meaty egg rolls

Dinner #1

Won ton soup & Sture fry I hadn’t added the bean sprouts yet they go in last.

Dinner #2

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