Friday, March 07, 2008

Ginger gets her care package.

Lori and I have wanted to sponsor a child in China one on one for some time now and we have been able to do that this year. We sponsor a little girl named Ginger that for one resin can not be adopted, so she is set to live out her life in the orphanage until she is old enough to leave. We write her and send photos of the family cards and gifts. We translate them into Chinese so she can read them with out any trouble. Luckily the care package we sent her with the Blanket got there just before snow storm hit this winter. We also sent her a camera so she can take photos of her life and friends so when she wrights us we will know who she is talking about. All this would not be possible if it wasn’t for a very good man I came in contact with a few months back. (Ginger twin sister Maggie already had a sponsor so we chose Ginger as the one to write and send care packages to.) Ginger is such a special little girl who has so little yet when we send her things she makes a point of shearing some of what we send with her twin sister Maggie and friends at the orphanage.
If you have ever thought of sponcering a child it is worth it, you get back a lot more then you give.

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Anonymous said...

Glen, how did you guys go about being a sponsor for Ginger? Can you email me the info??? I would LOVE to do that! Thanks so much!

Penny in Sc
Waiting for our Norah too :)