Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wrist bands O' fun

We have been doing a lot of activities with the kids’ while they have been off for spring break.
One of the fun things we did is go to Gator Park and buy wrist bands for $14.00 dollars that aloud us to do 4 things at the park. I know, they say five but they mark 2 off on your first thing you do so it is actually four, anyway for the money it was still a lot of fun. We got to play minature golf, drive go-carts on a racetrack, go to the batting cages, and drive go-carts on a slick track that is similar to driving on solid ice. We all had a wonderful time and afterwards we had a picnic lunch at the “Big Dam Bridge”. Only in Arkansas will they name a bridge that.

Actual Wrist Band O' Fun
Annie and Glen getting a run down of the rules for the "Slick Track".

Annie in the batting cages. She kept going back in for more. We may have found her sport.

Brandon and Lori in the batting cages.

Brandon using his signature Elvis move for hitting the ball.
Deep in concentration.

Annie leading the pack at the go kart track.

Annie's laughing at Glen because he told me to wait till he could suck in his stomach before I took the picture.

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Unknown said...

what fun pics, you guys are staying busy!