Sunday, March 02, 2008

We are finally in the waiting child program.

Some of you know that we sent in a waiting child medical check list back October 2006, we were so happy at the possibility of adopting 2 waiting children and were devastated when we were told it was to narrow in scope and that we would get a referral in the NSN program before we were match in the waiting child program. What you don’t know is we sent in another Waiting child Check list in April 2007, and were told it was too liberal for us and to protect our family we weren’t let in then either. That was a W-T-F moment! We then decided to wait until we got our referral for NSN. Then for the next adoption find a waiting child on an agencies list first, get approved then sine on with that agency. This whole time we have been watching and reading stories of the people who have adopted Waiting children. Looking at list thinking we could provide a home and parent that child. Watching some of the problems that come up with adopting an older toddler age child, and how different family worked throw though problems, has been a real asset, thank you for keeping up your blogs, and post here if the information was something that is not appropriate, for your blog. Also reading toddler adoption a weaver’s Craft has good information in it the about only thing I didn’t like about that book was the cover. We never gave up hope, and we do have a strong desire, and the resources to parent a waiting child, we felt that is where we are constantly pulled. So we sent in our medical check list one more time, this one very close to the one that we sent in in October 2006, except VSD-ASD made the list, with the understanding that if it was not approved for the waiting child program we would, forfeit all our time and money we spent on this adoption and start over looking at waiting Childs list from other agencies.
My wife has spent the last two years in the OR as an RN on the heart team, scrubbing in to hold the heart for the surgeons or circulating. Not all Heart surgeries turn out good, she thought at first to have a child with VSD or ASD would be to clause to home, for the field she works in so it never made the list. We Have talk about it and reached it, and decided it wasn’t to close to home, and with her experience, and contacts that she has gained over the last two years are now an asset to having a ASD or VSD child. So we asked for a heart baby or toddler this time.
Well third time a charm I guess, because they gladly accepted it, either that or they got tired of us. It will problubly be a ten months to year before we get a referral then another 3-6 months for a travel that is what we are told the average family has to wait in our agency’s program. But with out having to forfeit the time and money we put into this adoption that is just fine with us because that money can go to pay the fees of our next waiting child adoption.

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Charlotte said...

Oh, Glen ! Yah ! Congrats !

How exciting to hear !

I think once you get a referral you will be leaving quickly there !

Toddlers are fun as you've watched my three !

Riley was a pistol on gotcha, and Rachael has been so special too !

Good luck ! Norah is in China now waiting on her forever family !

Charlotte and crew