Wednesday, July 30, 2008

AC mister and food

I saw on the TV show “Living with Ed” where he had an air conditioner mister installed. It can save you up to 30% on your cooling cost, by reducing the time your ac runs because the unit gets cooled by the evaporation of the water from the mist. It allows the ac to cool your house faster and in the hot time of the year 98-105 degrees our poor old ac unit could only get the house down to 80 degrees until the sun went down. So I looked around and found the company that sells them, CoolnSave I think it was. You can look it up, not knowing if it would work or not I didn’t want to shell out the $99.00 plus shipping so I went to Lowes and bought a patio mister for $14.00 and hooked it up. It worked. The air is not only colder coming out of our ac unit but it now keeps the house at 75 degrees when it is 100 outside. So I know it works, but the patio mister runs all the time not just when the ac is on like the coolnsave model. We were wasting water, and getting a puddle by the ac unit (you can see it in the photo). So I fixed that today, I had an old garden sprayer so I took the handle off, went to home depot and got a small piece of Plexiglas and a toilet fill valve, took them apart, drilled, tie wrapped, and glued them together and presto I too have a valve that turns the mister on and off with the ac from the force of the fan on the unit.
Total cost with the mister $28.00 for all the items I had to buy. It may not be as pretty as the cool saving model but when I am in my nice cool house I don’t care.

The fig tree is loaded this year. Lori dehydrated some to save for winter. Usually she just stands out in the yard and eats them off of the tree but this year there where just to many. Can you freeze cabbage we wont be able to eat it all before it goes bad?

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Unknown said...

Glen, I love what you did with your mister and the "converted" valve. Can you give a few more details on the construction of the shutoff valve? I am somewhat mechanical, but maybe I better spend the $100? I have spending money I don't have to, so any added suggestions are extremely welcome!