Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I almost had to pick a cellmate!

Marked up the detectives card so some dork couldn’t make copies at home on their computer.

Ok, not really, but I did get home the other day to find this card at my front door from the Criminal Investigation Division of the Cabot police department.
What could this be about? I hope someone didn’t try to break into my house I thought.
Seems someone had gotten one of my flyers that I have been passing out to try to raise the funds for our adoption with our full names, P.O. Box, and website on them. Well when they couldn’t find us in the phone book they called the Cabot Police on me. When I called the detective he asked if we had been doing some fund raising and asked for our adoption agency so they could call and check with them? I also told them I would be glad to come down to the office with our referral file we got for Norah so they could look through it and make copies of our PA to adopt her. I called Lori because she had not made it home from work yet.
She told me to pick a cellmate with small hands,
God I love that woman.

All the detectives were super nice. They looked at Norah's photos and information and knew I was on the up and up. I think one clue that I did live here was the photo on my blog of the Cabot police car all covered in Christmas lights, oh and my freaking house over the last three years. They closed the case and were going to call the lady to let her know they had investigated the fund raiser and it was legitimate so if she wanted to donate she could. They also suggested I run an add in the paper to get more exposure.

Thanks to everyone who has donated to our adoption from Cabot, and from around the world Thank you! It means so much to me, my family, and my daughter Norah….I love the fact that there are so many people willing to give of their time and hard earned money for my daughter. I will be making my blog into a keepsake book for my family sometime down the road. I will be able to look back through the book with my daughter when she is older and show her that there are people from Cabot, Dallas, China ,Guam, CA, all over the world, who cared about her, knew her life was special and wanted her to know it. Lori and I will definitely give back all the love and support we have received to the kids of China when we get home.

Fun day, Good memories.

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Carrie said...

oh my word- I would have freaked out!