Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday's Ensemble

This was the outfit that Norah HAD to wear Sunday. The tights and long sleeve shirt were a hard won addition since the weather was cold that day. She has just recently figured out that she likes to pose for her pictures when dressed up. She wore this all day and yes went out of the house in it because at this time in my parenting journey I really don't care what she chooses to wear as long as it is weather appropriate. Oh, the shoes that she chose to go with this outfit were the green, glow in the dark Halloween ghost shoes. PERFECT!
Mr. Blackwell, I dare you to say anything to her. Go ahead. I'll stand back here. This may get ugly.


Anonymous said...

At least it wasn't a tube top and hot pants!

Grimes Family said...

Glen and Lori,
My heart smiles as I looked at this post! I remember followong your journey while you were in china. (we were there the at same time) Our daughter was the polar opposite of Norah. While Norah was giving you days of little sleep and much excitement, our Lydia was learning to sit up, was very quiet, and easy going. I'm happy to report that things have come full circle and our Lydia Joy has caught up developmentally. She fills our days with joy beyond measure! Ya'll need to turn your blog into a book!