Saturday, March 06, 2010

Impromptu photo shoot


Norah wanted to wear her dress this morning and after helping her get it on I went into the living room. Soon Norah emerged wearing pearls and a ring and sunglasses. I asked her if she wanted me to take her picture. She said yes, so I found a black sheet, tacked it up and shot some quick photos. It was after I was finished and put them in the computer that I realized black is not the best choice for Norah, her hair disappears into the back ground. We will have to play with a different colored back grounds to see if we can get a better result. I need to write a post about our first year with Norah. The one year anniversary of the day Norah came into our lives and became part of our family is just one day away. I have been neglecting the blog the last couple of weeks, which I don’t like because it helps me rember things. When I look back on old post or photos I have posted of us, it is nice to see my thoughts at that point and time. To look at the photos I took of Norah yesterday next to the one of the pictures from the first week she was with us is amazing to me.

Photobucket Surley she is not the only four year old with her own string of actual pearls.


Sandra said...

She's a beauty!

Naenay1012 said...

She is lovely.

Charlotte said...

Nope, she's not ! My girls have had their own pearls for years now, lol. At Christmas time for the family pictures they wore all of their pearls ! Cute photography pics ! and so cheap too ! We are going to Sears next Saturday to see the Easter bunny and do our Easter portraits !

Anonymous said...

Can you guys believe it's already been a year?!? Awesome! She has really grown in that short time. After such a long wait, now time seems to be flying! And I don't think it wrong for her to have her own pearls as long as Lori has some too ... you know, to wear while she's vacuuming. Ok, Glen, you should have some, too. Ha! Ha!
Love you guys, miss you!
Mike and Melissa
P.S. Glad she like the puppets!
P.P.S. Do you think your next door neighbors are actually not slobs, just working on recreating a Hobo village? : )

bbmomof2boys said...

Wow Glen...she's just beautiful! Love the dress. Little T will be 4 next month - hard to believe!

Still working on S.E.E. I'm about ready for the next few chapters. It has helped out so much though.


Hannah said...

Glen, she is so beautiful!

Laurie Wells