Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just one day in photos.

Lori was home for one of Norah’s days of speech school so I decided to chronicle one day of her life in photos.

Hmmm…..judging by that face looks like the day could go either way.

Some quick love time with mom wile dad slaves over a bowl of cereal.

Ahh Nothing like the classics.

Happy to be going to school.

School equipped with two way mirrors so parent can watch there kids.

Some quick lunch and sign language work before we get to the listening.

Some hula time just for the fun of it.

Yard work helper carrying sticks from tree trimming.

Some movie time wile mom and dad take a break to watch the news.

Try to comfort what looks to be a small demon, but is in actuality a Chihuahua that is scared because tornado sirens are going off.

Then bath and bed for the night.

1 comment:

to sing and to dance (karen) said...

Cute updates!
You guys are making some great advances with her, and wonderful parents for her.
I used to have a dog that was fiercely scared of thunder. I dont know if the same would work for tornado warnings, but on the show, they said to wipe the dog with a fabric tissue (non scented) because when they get scared or when the weather changes-probably the same as tornado weather, part of their fear is that they can feel the static electricity in the air.