Sunday, July 20, 2008

Building a better Waterfall.

It was time to replace my water fall box that I had built back in 2000. It was done out of galvanized guttering but still rusted over the years and I was starting to loose water from it. The pump I have been running the waterfall with finally gave up after 8 years of continuous use. I would say that was pretty good.

I already had bought my new water fall pump off EBay for a great price, but had been thinking of redoing my setup someway to make it last longer. When I came across this at Lowes. Two sheets of glass, 3/8 of an inch think by16 inches by 48 inches for $5.00 each and the plastic parts were $0.75 per pack what a steal. This will be my new waterfall.

You can see I epoxed the plastic pieces in and used black expansion foam for ponds on the sides.

This is the workhorse of the project a 10,000 gallon an hour Torpedo pump, Sweet! Coke can for size comparison.

This is the size pipe I had to put in to control that much water. I will hide them with rocks after I make sure it is going to work for a couple of days.

This is the look I gave Lori when she told me to smile like I was about to get lucky. She, after taking the photo told me nobody would get lucky with that dorky look on their face, try again.

This is better I guess?

We are still waiting for a SN referal, best guess sometime around December or January.

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