Friday, July 25, 2008

No word on the ice cream lover till Tuesday.

We won't have word of Annie's visa status change until she goes to pick it up next Tuesday. Talk about cutting it close she has to be back in the here 13 days from Tuesday!

I had a good birthday Lori's parents took us out to a new restaurant we have in town. Lori also got me my first down pillow oh I feel sorry for the bird that will have to running around necked this winter, but I slept so good last night. Maybe I will send him a wool sweater to keep worm. Well now that just leads to another problem, oh well.

Brandon (Lori) for any one with kids knows how this works, got me a new sand shifting saltwater fish to replace the one I lost when the tornado took out our power for a couple of days, I have since gotten a box I can hookup to my truck to run my fish tank if the power goes out again. So my live corals and fish live throw it.
Oh and Brandon passed his English class he was taking over the computer this summer yeah!
I really need to get back to my studing to speek Chinese.

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Lori Lynn said...

We too hosted an exchange daughter from China (our second) this past year and she will be returning to America in September to attend college at Univ. of Washington. That is far away from us, but we plan on having her back for Christmas vacation.

Best wishes on your journey to Norah. We started looking for our second daughter in November 05 and found her on a WC list in December 05. She has been home now for 2 years. I cannot imagine that we would still be waiting if we had chosen the NSN route.

Lori W