Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two years ago today…..

Two years ago today we were logged in with the china center of adoption affairs. With hopes and dreams of becoming parents to a baby from China. Having been a member of the MSN Adopting from Group during my paper chase. I knew something was going on with the China adoption program a slight slowdown had started. Over the next year we were told many things as the program reached 8 months to referral then 9 months then 10. Things were said on all the China adoption boards like they CCAA won’t let the wait go over a year because paper work will start expiring. At that time if some one even said that it could go out to two years or worse three they were sometimes in a way told that that was just crazy, they would never let that happen, you would have to have new home study’s, background checks, your I-171-H would expire.

Some of you know that we sent in a waiting child medical check list back October 2006, we were so happy at the possibility of adopting a waiting children and were devastated when we were told it was to narrow in scope and that we would get a referral in the NSN program before we were match in the waiting child program. This was wrong, everyone that turned in there SN checklist from that time have returned home and some have been back to or are working on there second adoption from China. Time passes we see more SN kids coming home with the needs we put on our list, we have opened up to more SN over the next 6 months so Lori and I sent in another Waiting child Check list in April 2007, and were told it was too liberal, to open to many SN for us and to protect our family we weren’t let in to there waiting child program then either. All the families from then are now home too. We are persistent we sent in another SN check list in Feb. of 2008 The kicker is because CCAI told us that our second list was two big, we reverted back to the first one except VSD, ASD made the list this time, oh and our Childs age range went up and we were finally excepted into CCAI waiting child program.

Going into SN program was never about getting ahead in the wait, although it is a plus I will gladly take. It was and is about living close to one of the top Children’s hospitals in the U.S., where kids from China and all over the world for that matter come for care. We can provide that care to a child, it was about one of us being able to stop work indefinitely if needed, it was me and Lori having an extremely strong marriage to support each other threw good time and bad.

Still as a human, I can’t keep myself from thinking that if they would of excepted our first SN checklist we would be celebrating our first and or even second Christmases together this year, not waiting for our third Christmas to come and go without our Daughter Norah. I know time will pass no matter what, we all can be waiting for something great to come into our lives or not time will still pass. Also as a human I know if we were to pull out because of the pain this adoption it causing my heart at this time. I would still keep track of the dates and in one year or two years from now when CCAA got to LID July, 22 2006 I would never forgive my self for giving up on our Daughter Norah………….Who because of the ages range we put on our medical check list I know in my heart is born now living China somewhere waiting for me too………


LindaJ said...

I know it seems like an eternity that you guys have been when waiting, but in the grand picture it is only a blip in time.
You guys are doing great at keeping busy and focusing on other things....stay strong and know I support your guys 100%.

Take care,

Laurie Wells said...

Glen, I can't imagine your wait, but wow.. you're so good not to give up.. when they put that baby in your arms, none of you will ever be the same.

thinking of you!

Laurie Wells