Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Annie, Brandon, And Me!

All three of us have our birthday this month, For Brandon’s birthday he wanted snow crab and a big cookie. We gave Annie hers before she left, and I needed a pump for my pond so that is what I got.
We have also made two recycling bins for the garbage men to pickup. The city wanted us to rent the recycling bins from them can you believe that! Now that is going to get people to start recycle charge them an extra fee for it. We made our own, just our way of sticking it to the man, Ha.
Annie go’s for her visa in just 5 days we are all looking forward to her return so she can start Collage. I miss her so much, but I hope she is making the most of the short time she has with her parents and grand parents in China. We hope to be able to visit Annie’s parents and grand parent’s when we go to china next year. When I last talked to her she was studying hard for the SAT’s so she can apply to a different collage more geared towards Med schooling after her first semester or year.
Good luck Annie we love you, miss you, and will see you soon.

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