Saturday, July 26, 2008

She coming to America na-na-na!

I found these on my computer after Annie left for the summer.
She took them herself, cracks me up!
Annie got her Visa to go to UCA; I think there was a sigh of relief that was let out from here to china. That that part is over. This is a life changing experience for Annie, I know she will be a top student at UCA as she was at the high school here and won’t take this opportunity lightly. She is a bright, caring, loving, kind hearted person, with a knack for sarcasm, which will make you laugh for months. Although she has parents and grand parents in China that love her deeply and no doubt are making great sacrifices so she can attend University here, I will care for, watch over her and treat her as our Daughter and will do so until I am no longer needed in that role.

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LindaJ said...

YAH!!!!! That is so cool that you guys can be there for her and her to give you a glimpse into Chinese culture.