Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Annie heads back in China for anther summer

OK let me just say I am up set because this is the last shot I have of Annie, I forgot my camera when we went to see her one day at UCA , she had hers so we just shot photos with it but then she lost the chip, so no photos, then the morning I took her to the airport I had to be at UCA because, we had to lode all her things in my truck and clean up her dorm before she left for the summer. So we were so busy trying to get to the airport on time and last minuet packing that by the time we got to the airport I had to hand Annie her bag to run inside to check in before the plain left with out her. So this is the only shot I got.
Photos are like smells to me in the way they can bring back the memories of good times, so i am glad to have this one because it brings back so many thoughts of how much she has grown over the last two years & memories of that day, Me loading the car as Annie gathered her things, the fact that even though I left plenty of time to pack her up we still ended up rushing to the
airport, the fact that when I was loading Annie's suit case I new it was to heavy so I parked and went inside anticipating problems, her one suit case wade 80 pounds, so we had to unzip it take a few things out wight it again and again all the time the clock was ticking for her flight to leave. We finally managed to shave in down to 70 pounds and she had to pay a fee, and I was left there with a couple of bottles of perfume, some pants, books, and lotions, as she ran for her gate. That's classic Annie and we sure do miss her but know she is having a good time in China with her family and friends.
In just two short months she will be back for anther school year.
Annie filled a deep hole I had in my heart for the love of a daughter during the years we waited for Norah. So now it is like I have a son & two daughters one almost grown and one I just met.

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I just saw your clip on You Tube... Norah certainly has come a long way and I love that smile of hers...