Sunday, June 07, 2009

I am working on my blog layout.

I am going to be working on my blog layout in the HTML templet to make it bigger, hopfuly I don't crash it.
Anyone know how to get rid of the line? I have to leave for a little wile but I will be working on it again, if you know where I need to look in the code please let me know.
Thanks Glen
Yes Jaime I need help, I still can't get rid of the line, I am running the rounders3 and cant find the pice if code I need to remove or change to get rid of it.
Thanks Glen


Jaime said...

Awe, Glen and Lori . . Norah is just beautiful!! I hope all is well. If you need any help with your blog let me know. Blessings.

The Sharp Family said...

Glenn and Lori, Jaime sassed up my blog... that girls got skills :)

Jaime said...

ha ha . . don't let Penny fool you, she puts all the sass in that blog. :) I just added color.