Saturday, June 06, 2009

Long hair, Hammer pants, fishing, and Heifer International

Why can't my dad get me out of the house just one morning with out toothpaste residue on my face. I mean sure I fight him like the world is coming to an end when it comes to brushing my teeth in the morning but still how hard could it be.

Oh and one more thing, if you are thinking about buying a sweet set of MC Hammer pants that I heard were on their way back in, please don't. "Hammer time" was fun but should not be repeated EVER.

Ha ha

The big fishing derby is next weekend so I took Norah fishing for the first time this week to give her an idea of what to expect. I had found her a fishing pole at a yard sale for $2.00, she loved it. She caught two catfish that we put in our pond in the backyard.

This weekend we also went to the grand opening of the new Heifer International compound in Little Rock to their family day. They put on a pretty good time for the kids.

This alpaca has a Tina Turner hairdo if I ever saw one.

While we were at the Heifer party I noticed quite a few families with the same make up as ours. I even had one lady come up to me and say how pretty Norah is and that we had her and her friend cracking up at the River Fest a couple of weeks ago when we were playing in the fountain. Norah and I were so into the moment playing in the fountain that we didn't even see them.


Grimes Family said...

Glen and Lori,
She is adorable! That smile is so contagious! We are enjoying a landmark week with our Lydia. When we got her on March 9th she could barely sit up. Today she walked about 6 feet all by herself! She has also cut 5 teeth in as many days! UGH!!

Tricia said...

Love the pictures and I check your blog on a regular basis. We are LID of 12-11-06. I appreciate you updating your blog and sharing your life with the world.

We look forward to our trip to China and life with our little one-may that be soon!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! The alpaca really made me laugh!

Norah is truly one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen. What a smile. So glad she is doing so well.
Marcy in GU