Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The funny things kids do.

Lori and I were on the couch yesterday studying sign language. Norah was back playing in her room. Lori had a view of the hall back to Norah's room from where she was sitting. Lori all of a sudden told me to peak around the corner of the bath room. There my eyes fell upon Norah's hands "helping" her doll go to the bath room. When her doll was done Norah wiped her dolls butt, then had her doll flush the toilet. I was keeping back to where I could just barely see what was happening, I sat back down on the couch, and Lori said "wait for it".
In our house that is code for keep looking something funny is about to happen.
So I look back up down the hall just in time to see
Norah pop out of the bathroom, doll in hand, butt naked except for some purple socks, and go toddling back down the hall to her room doll in tow.
Never a dull moment with her.


LindaJ said...


Charlotte said...

Good it was her in the purple socks and not you Glen ! LOL

I see you got the stripe off of the blog !


cabbagemintor said...

I have never heard of little girls actually taking care of their dollies in such a practical manner. Norah has a vivid sense of "being." Perhaps it has to do with the deprivation of her hearing sensory faculties that she compensates by zooming in to tactile and other senses. You are studying hard kiddos, swotting away on sign language for besotted parents no doubt.

Ash said...

Glen, Your blog is great; Like the new layout. I miss Annie for you too. Norah is a sweetheart with her dolly. Your handyman yardwork skills are awesome.
Take care,
ash ~ ccai wc/friend

Michele said...

Love the new design. Hope you all have an awesome summer!

Debra said...

Great Norah story!
What a wonderfully blessed life you have. You are so handy about the house you have a single brother?? Ha!