Saturday, June 20, 2009

Harvest time.

We have begone to get fresh vegetables from the garden I am, I harvested the onions a couple of weeks ago and we have been able to have snap beans with dinner. My garlic experiment paid off from 4 bulbs I got a the grocery store I was able to make about 50 bulbs, no vampires around our house. I set them out to dry in the sun for a little wile don't know if that is what you are supposed to do. I will have to find out how you are supposed to cure them so they will keep for a long time, any one know?


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Your garden looks awesome (as always)!

to sing and to dance said...

Your garden looks great!
Cut the roots off, and braid the leaves together with each other, start with two of them, and bring in a new garlic every 4-5 braids. Then hang the long bulb upside down in your kitchen.

Glen said...

Melissa, we have a free source of horse poo now. It makes everything all pretty and green.


Anonymous said...

Of course! Free poo makes everything better! Ha! Ha!

Christel Ann Cook said...

You need to get the book "Root Cellaring" They have info on how to preserve EVERYTHING, including eggs!! haha! yes the garden looks great!

I haven't visited your site in a while... Norah is soooo beautiful and i am glad her heart is good and you all are doing great!