Friday, July 06, 2007

36 more days.

AYUSA Making a World of Difference for Youth

We herd from our exchange student, Annie a couple of times since I last posted about sending her a birth day gift. She has received the CD we sent her and loved it. I know that when you give a gift you
shouldn’t expect anything in return. Still it was nice to here that she liked it and was grateful to receive it. She even told us if there was anything that we wonted that she could bring us from China please ask. We still have to get a desk for her to study at for her room so we need to pick that up this weekend. Just 36 more days to go.
I have been doing well at work and my son Brandon has been a big help, he is so looking forward to turning 16 so he can apply to K-mart. (They have air conditioning).


Unknown said...

This will be so exciting for you and your family

Carrie said...

I love your blog-good luck on your trip and bring home your daughter. While we wait it is nice to see other bring their children home.