Monday, July 16, 2007

Annie called today.

Well I was at work and my cell phone rang and when I looked at the Number it had way to many numbers to be any one I new. It had like 15-16 numbers. I usually go ahead and acre my cell incase it is business but I was so thrown buy all the numbers that I let it go to voice mail. I checked the voice mail and the person just hung up with out saying anything. I thought about this call all day & when I got home I even said some thing to Lori about it. As I sat down to read check the E-mail, I Open it up and there was one from Annie Wishing Brandon a Happy birthday. The next line was I tried to call to today. Is this the right number. Of Corse it was I just didn’t pick up. That was I call I hated that I didn’t pick up

She is now in a 3 day AYUSA Pre-Departure Training class and busy packing. She said she will be leaving Beijing on the 21st of July the trip will take her 5 days, that was the first thing that I thought was off. Then She wrote she will get to the U.S. on august 11. I think something is getting lost in translation unless she is going to visit relatives some where in-between. I wrote her about this and asked her to call back so we all can be on the same page.
Holy cow the 21st of July is just 4 days away, and from the 21st of July to the 11 of august is 21 days, that is way to long even by boat. This is going to rack my brain until I here from her. She has sent us some recent photos of her and her friends at school beautiful place. If I don’t here from her buy tomorrow knight I will have to try to call for her safety & my sanity. It make it interesting with the14 hour time difference. I can see our life is already getting more interesting. Here’s to sanity, Glen

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Unknown said...

I cant wait to read more posts. What an experience you are about to have!