Saturday, July 28, 2007

Busy Day

Well it has been another busy day today. We are still getting ready for Annie to come. Lori had her hands full painting some more art work on the walls in her room, and touching up the trim paint in the hallway. I was busy building a gate headboard to go along with the Beatrix Potter theme that is all over Norah’s room. The headboard is going to look so cute, after I paint it white. I hope it does not rain tomorrow so I can paint it outside. I would really like to get her room done before Annie gets here.

Brandon also wanted to have an Asian looking platform bed made for his room and wanted to scale down to a twin bed like the one we got for Annie. So we had to buy him a new bed. When we told the guy at The Denver Mattress Company that we just needed the mattress and not the box spring. He told us we HAD to buy the box spring or it voids the warranty, plus it was a fire hazard not to have the box spring.
Lori just about told that guy where he could put his box spring and warranty, but she restrained herself.
We told him we just wanted the mattress and that was it. We didn’t care if it voided the warranty. When am I going to use that? and fire hazard? If you need an extra 6 inches of height in wood and material to keep you safe from a fire you are already in big trouble. That guy was full of it. He also had the personality of a wet washcloth. Perhaps sales is not his calling.
Anyway I built Brandon’s bed today too and made him putty all the holes so we can paint it tomorrow. Again hopefully it doesn’t rain.

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Unknown said...

Cant wait to see pics of both rooms!