Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sweet find!

Well, Dear Lori had to work today saving lives, no really that is her job. So I went yard sailing by my self in hopes of finding a desk for Annie’s room. The fruits of my labor are seen below. The desk was in very good condition but it was stained wood finish and all of Annie’s stuff in her room is white, so I sanded that sucker smooth and painted it gloss white. Notice how bright and shiny the desk is. Annie just might have to where sunglasses when she dues her home work. Hopefully I didn’t just kill all the effort that was put into the, save the planet concert, that the singers put on this week. I don’t think, with my couple of spray cans. I did any more harm then they did with there jets flying to the concert, and both our efforts were for a good cause, and I'm recycling the desk, so were even in my book. I will have to show you guys the room when I get it all set up. Glen

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