Sunday, July 08, 2007

Why do these kids keep calling me Mom,aka LindaJ heads back to China!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Linda for a couple of years now. I also was able fallow her, via the her web blog, when she meet Lila, her daughter adopted from China for the first time. They are about to finally heading out in a couple of day for there second adoption form China of Ellie. If you would like to fallow along just click on the link under, Other peoples blogs that I like too the right, that says Lila. Her blog title makes me chuckle.

Ellie my mom will be here soon peace.

Braydon the man in the middle

Lila supper star


LindaJ said...

Glen & Lori, thanks for the shout out. I really enjoy your blog and glad to see glen is back on his feet.
Chat when I get back!


Unknown said...

what sweet pics!