Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Life goes on while we wait.

It has been over 13 months since I posted a photo of my frog.
Why do I know this because we were logged in then.

I love this fountain. This hard working girl blocks out city noise and looks good doing it.

Vegas by one of our maple trees, the red bark will stay that way for life and should make for a magnificent tree.

Last but not least our old Kitty. We got these pillows for us, Kitty thinks they are for him. That cat sleeps more then any animal I have ever seen, He loves his pillow.



Lisa and Shane said...

Glen does this mean you and Lori are celebrating / commiserating your 14th LID-versary? Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hey! We're Gene and Suzy leaving tomorrow for China. I think we may have met at an FCCA event or waiting family meeting. You can follow our journey at

Glen said...

Lisa, I know you are just ahead of me and I do get comfort in the fact that as we are packing to go. We will be fallowing your blog as you & Shane go to China.

Suzy with a blog title like that I know you are from Arkansas. Have a safe trip.

Monica said...

I have a cat that looks fairly similar to that. And cats do sleep a lot. So do I. We get along well.