Saturday, April 14, 2012

Belated Easter Egg Dying and Other Tidbits

Norah loves dying Easter eggs.
 I need to go scoop up some more egg dying packets while they are on discount. Usually if we are going to boil eggs we go ahead and let her dye them no matter what time of year it is.
There have been no repeats in the seizure department. We did start her on some supplemental vitamin D and she has been getting Tylenol most nights before she goes to bed, just as a precautionary measure. She already gets a multivitamin and fiber gummies each day. Her bed is still in our room pushed up against ours. It will most likely remain there till she's 30. We are being very careful with bath times and do not ever leave her in a room by herself. We have an appointment for Monday at the neurologist. Hopefully they can let us know if this was a one time thing that really is not explainable OR that she has epilepsy and we can get her started on whatever medication that she needs to make sure we control it to the best of our ability.
We have put in a bid on another house. It is HUGE y'all! It is also an excellent price per square foot for this part of the country. The owners are meeting with their real estate agent tomorrow and we should know by noon or 1 if they have accepted our offer. Poor Glen had to go look at the house and make the offer by his self as I was at work and could not get off. I got to actually look inside the house today because they were having an estate sale. He did a great job. We bought a little table and chairs for Norah from the sale. They were perfect for her and Glen thought that it would be neat if we get the house to have something from its previous owners in there with us. From what we know of them they were good people that loved their children. Kind of a nice thing to know about the place we might be raising our child in. Good energy or karma or what ever you want to call it. I am all for it.
In other news I am being trained to be charge nurse so that the regular charge nurse can have a day off once in a while. I was on my own Friday. Things went well but it was hectic. We only had two rooms going and I was still making endless phone calls trying to juggle patients and surgeons. Someone would run late, which throws off the whole schedule of things, especially when you have many different surgeons working one right after the other in the same OR. It all worked out in the end and even though it made my brain hurt i think I may kind of like it. Now it's just a matter of learning more about who usually runs late, who prefers to work with whom, who I can trust with very little supervision to do what needs to be done and who I need to constantly check up on and give instructions to. I received lots of good feedback from staff and physicians. That means a lot to me. I want to make sure that they can count on work being a good place to go not a drudgery. We may work our butts off but we can have fun, get along and help each other out at the same time.
 I should have used all mason jars for the egg dying. They seem to work the best.
 This was her favorite egg. Pink! I am shocked!
 She was telling me about the colors of her eggs here. We are starting to notice her saying more words that Glen and I can understand without her having to sign them. There are even some that we can understand with our backs turned to her. YEAH! Progress!
 Careful sister, those eggs are hot.
 We had to add a little glitter of course.

Glen made this one. Hahahahaha!



Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear more about the house! Good luck! Also, congrats on the charge nurse (or as Mike likes to say, head nurse) job. You know no one will yell at you w your cute southern accent! And finally, we dyed eggs w just food coloring this year and they looked great! 1Tblsp white vinegar to each cup room temp water plus 20 drops of color. Love you! Melissa

Glen said...

We have food coloring and vinegar at the house usually. I will have to give it a shot. That would be much cheaper than discount Easter dying kits. You're so smart! Love you too. Lori