Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SAM and Easter crafts Part 1

Norah is doing well. We are still trying to get into the First Time seizure Clinic at Children's Hospital. Apparently they don't consider it as big a deal as we do. I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. We had lots of fun this last weekend before and after Norah's event.

 We made some Easter bunny crafts.
 Saw a BBQ truck shaped like a giant metal pig with sunglasses on.
 Went to the Seattle Art Museum on Thursday. The first Thursday of the month here is known as "Free Thursday" A group of the museums and other attractions have free admission on that day. Yeah! We love free.
 They had cars hanging from the ceiling.

 Cool masks.
 The alligator one in the back has an umbrella hat on.

These things are called the Catepillar Men. This is an acurate representation of my personality when I don't get enough sleep.
More to come.

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