Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Many Faces of Norah - Age 6

Sometimes when we are in the car we give Norah the iphone so that she will be still and quiet for a minute so that we can figure out where the heck we are OR just have an adult conversation without someone calling "momma" or "Daddy" no less than one million times (i am NOT exaggerating). Today after we got home from going to the park we found these pictures on Glen's phone. Apparently while she was being all nice and quiet in the backseat she was also practicing the many faces of Norah. Hilarious!

I often wonder, what is going on up in that head of hers. Does she have some kind of running internal dialogue. "Oh, I like that face." "I could use that sad face on Daddy. I would totally get whatever I wanted." "That is a good face for when I want to look distant and like I really don't care." "So that's what the underside of my tongue looks like." There is no telling.


P.S. Eleven more days till closing! I can not wait to get out of this apartment. They have even stopped mowing the grounds at the apartment so now it looks all neglected. Yeah!


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Elisabeth said...

Haha! I do the same thing with the webcam on my laptop. I've got 300 pictures of myself making silly/stupid/serious/whatever faces.

Norah is such a little sweetheart. :-)