Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SAM Part 2

More from our day at SAM (Seattle Art Museum).

 Doesn't it look like she or he is serving up a tray with some candy peeps on it. Have I mentioned that peeps are my favorite Easter treat. Especially if they have been in the freezer.
 This isn't a very good picture focus wise but I love the light that was coming in through this window.
 Glen and Norah being art critics. Really? This is art.
 They had a room where they were playing music. Vinyl record music.
 This HUGE rat is sitting on a guy who is in bed. I'm not sure what it is supposed to represent but it's pretty funny and interesting to look at.
 This was made out of a whole lot of what we thought of as dog tags. Each had a name on it.

 This guy was toiling away.
 Rat booty!
 Cardboard boxes hung on a wall. Art? or the symbols of someone being a genius to get a grant to hang dirty cardboard up on a museum wall as art? Hmmmm? I wonder.
 Hey, We know that guy. Pretty sure he didn't wear lipstick.


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