Sunday, February 26, 2006

The checks in the mail

We sent four money orders to be exact. Why four? Because the only place that was open that makes money orders could only make them out in increments of up to $500.00 dollars. It was a last minute dash to get them off .
I got paid by a contractor that I work for at 12:00 on Saturday. We thought that Mailboxes ect. didn’t close until 3:00 on Saturday. So we went home to get the papers we needed to send with the first payment to our agency. We checked the mail when we got home and got a wonderful surprise. The U.S. department of Homeland Security in Memphis, TN had sent us an Orphan Petition Fingerprint Referral Notice. That means when our home study is done we can go get fingerprinted to get the ball rolling on our I-171-H. A very needed and priceless document to people adopting internationally.
After reading through the mail and getting the papers we needed we headed off to mail boxes ect. When we got there I saw on the door that they closed at 1:00 on Saturday. That was in five minutes, (just in time I thought). When I asked if they made money orders they said NO. Then the mad dash was on. I ran out to the car like a mad man and told Lori to go inside and get started on the Fed-Ex forms. She asked me what address to mail it to? That was when I realized that I didn’t bring the address with me. Stall them I said to her as I jumped into the truck. I drove home, got the address, went to the grocery store to get the money orders, and by the grace of God the person behind the counter knew what they were doing. I made it back to Lori and the poor girl that had staid after to help at 1:05. She was very understanding and I told her that I would remember that they closed at 1:00 on Saturday from now on. The first payment will be there at 3:00 on Tuesday and that is good because we need them to give us the dossier guide that shows how we need to right up a finical statement because we will be meeting with our accountant on Wednesday morning. Then we have to get our financial statement done by 4:00 that afternoon for our last home study visit which is also that same day. I’m looking for word to Wednesday. I have needed that dossier guide for awhile so that I could start sending out documents. We’ll see if everything works out, or if the entire thing I have stacked up falls like a house of cards...

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