Sunday, February 05, 2006

Please turn off all cellphones inside the theater!

Well the three of us went to the movies today and as a curtosy to everyone we turned off our cellphones. Well we actually put them on vibrate. So the movie just starts and my phone starts vibrating in my pocket, so I stop it by squeezing it. I figure that I will call whoever it is back after the movie. The three of us are together so I knew everyone was ok. Then my wife's phone starts vibrating she looks at it and the hands the phone to me. I see the number of who called and I reconize it as our agency. We had sent them the last thing they needed for them to approve us late Friday. I leave the theater to go try to call them back, but this is Sunday after noon so all I got was an answering machine. I left a message to call back when they get in the office not really knowing what the call was for, but hoping that it was to tell us we are approved. My mind kept thinking about it while I was trying to watch the show. We went straight home after the movie hopeing that they sen't us an e-mail and they had . We are officially approved! Here's the kicker, they sent an attachment with it and my Outlook express flagged it and would not allow me to open it. I know it's early in this and that this will probably seem small in comparision to other challenges that lay ahead.

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